Armed Security In Houston Area

In certain situations, it’s necessary to have private security officers who are armed and trained to use their weapons if necessary. This can include assignments protecting priceless artwork or jewelry, providing security services to a VIP, or guarding an office building or apartment complex. Whatever the assignment, it’s crucial to have the knowledge and experience to act in a responsible manner in the event a violent situation occurs. Therefore, when businesses and others in Houston and the surrounding area require the services of armed security, they contact Ranger Guard and Investigations. If you find yourself contemplating the use of private armed security, here are some of the most important aspects you should take into consideration.

Extensive Training

Above all, an armed security officer should receive extensive training in a number of areas prior to beginning their first assignment. Realizing this is a top priority, Ranger Guard and Investigations has developed a multi-faceted training program for its officers who will be performing armed personal security in various situations. Once an officer is hired for armed security duty, they undergo training classes in anti-terrorism tactics, defensive tactics, firearms use, criminal law, patrol techniques, and first aid/CPR. And along with this training, all officers undergo extensive background checks, drug screening, and aptitude tests, all of which make sure officers assigned these duties will be able to perform to the best of their abilities in any work environment.

Prior Experience

Even though all armed guards working for Ranger receive training in numerous areas, the agency also places a great emphasis on hiring applicants who have previous experience in areas closely related to private security. Since this is a top priority of Ranger, many of our guards come to us with backgrounds in law enforcement or service in various military branches. Whether they were former police officers, combat soldiers, or military intelligence specialists, combining their past experience with training in today’s most sophisticated private security techniques makes Ranger guards some of the most capable guards in the industry. No matter the situation they may face at an assignment, armed guards from Ranger Guard and Investigations will be prepared to act in a manner than keeps everyone as safe as possible.

Professional Appearance and Standards

To ensure clients receive the best possible service from Ranger, all officers are held to the highest of professional standards. This includes their appearance, which plays a large part in helping them command the level of respect they will need while on the job. At each assignment, Ranger officers will be wearing police-style uniforms that are clean and neatly pressed, have shoes that are polished, display haircuts that are neat and professional in appearance, and maintain reasonable levels of personal hygiene. Along with their physical appearance, guards will also interact with everyone they meet in a professional manner, conducting themselves appropriately at all times. And in the event a situation starts to escalate, Ranger guards are trained to use various verbal techniques to keep a situation from getting out of hand. Known as Enforcement Through Reinforcement, Ranger guards have been able to deescalate numerous situations over the years, keeping people and property safe.

Patrol Techniques

If an armed guard from Ranger is assigned to protect an office building, apartment complex, industrial facility, or other property in Houston, clients can be assured they will use patrol techniques that will be impossible for criminals or others to detect a set pattern. Utilizing random foot and vehicle patrols, Ranger guards use different routes and times on every assignment, making sure those who may be trying to trespass, commit vandalism, or perform other illegal activities will never be sure when or where an officer will be present.

Certified and Licensed

Since armed guards are trusted with not only protecting people and property, but also with exercising extremely good judgement in potentially very dangerous situations, it’s important they be certified, licensed, and insured when on an assignment. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, this is always very important. Therefore, all officers must pass all certification tests and other training before they ever begin an assignment.

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Since today’s world offers new and more complex challenges to private security firms in Houston, it’s critical to hire guards from an agency that provides not only state-of-the-art training, but also has the highest of professional standards. If you are in need of armed security Houston clients always turn to Ranger Guard and Investigations, ensuring they will have officers on duty capable of handling any situation in a professional and safe manner.