Armed Security Firms in Texas

As various businesses, facilities, and events have become more concerned about security risks, many have armed security guards on their premises to handle various situations that may arise. Whether it is an office building guarding against the threat of a disgruntled employee, schools protecting students and teachers from acts of violence, or a festival or concert desiring extra levels of protection, armed security guards play an important role in various environments. When choosing armed security companies for their facilities or events, more and more clients select Ranger Guard and Investigations for a number of reasons.

Best Security Training

For armed security guards to provide the best protection for clients in numerous situations, it is crucial they be trained in the latest security procedures. When it comes to private armed security companies in Houston and the surrounding area, Ranger Guard and Investigations has the best training programs for officers. Along with making sure all armed guards are trained in proper use of firearms and have the necessary permits and licensing, we also train these officers in such areas as anti-terrorism tactics, defensive tactics, first aid/CPR and emergency procedures, criminal law, patrol techniques and surveillance, and other areas relevant to their assignment.

Innovative Patrol Techniques

While on an assignment, one of the most important duties of armed security guards is conducting patrols of a facility or event. However, with many security companies, these patrols are conducted using the same routes and at the same times. In doing so, this makes it very easy for individuals to determine when officers will be in a certain area, making the commission of illegal acts much easier. To keep this from happening, Ranger Guard and Investigations instead uses a series of random patrols conducted using various times and routes. Whether done on foot or by vehicle, this approach has proven to be very effective. Along with levels of vandalism and other incidents being reduced, many clients report insurance premiums also get lowered by up to 15 percent, making their investment in private security services well worth the cost.

Applicant Screening

When looking for the best armed security companies, it is extremely important to make sure they use an extensive screening process when hiring their officers. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, all applicants for armed guard positions must undergo and pass a battery of tests and background checks. To begin with, applicants are given aptitude tests that measure their ability to handle emergency situations, communicate well with individuals, and other situations they may encounter on an assignment. Once they pass these tests, Ranger Guard and Investigations conducts extensive criminal background checks, as well as contacts all personal and professional references given by applicants. Finally, before starting any assignments and training, applicants must pass drug testing that is the most extensive in the private security industry. By hiring only the most qualified men and women for our firm, clients can be sure they have the best armed private security contractors in Houston and the surrounding area.

Licensing and Certifications

To make sure our armed security guards are properly certified and licensed, we work closely with the Texas Department of Public Safety to ensure all regulations and requirements are met with each officer. In doing so, clients can be sure any officer assigned to their facility or event will meet industry requirements in these areas. Along with demonstrating an officer has the proper qualifications and training for the job, licensing and certifications can also play a role in limiting the liability issues of clients as well as ourselves. Thus, should a situation develop that calls an officer’s actions into question, having licensing and certifications in place can make a tremendous difference.

Highest Industry Standards

When any Ranger officer begins an assignment, they are expected to show up demonstrating the highest industry standards. Along with treating clients and others with respect in all situations, they are also expected to wear clean and pressed police-style uniforms, have polished shoes, and have appropriate haircuts, jewelry, and other aspects of their personal appearance. While they represent Ranger Guard and Investigations to our clients, they do the same to those they interact with on the job, making their professional appearance and demeanor that much more important to achieving success.

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