Mass shootings at workplaces, schools, and retail stores. Terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. Today’s world is scary, tough as it is to admit. Random acts of violence can occur at work, church, or even the grocery store. In those situations unarmed security personnel will often not have the stopping power they need to ensure safety and end the incident. That’s why many businesses, facilities and organizations choose to employ armed security guards.

This extra level of protection for employees, students, and members of the public brings incredible peace of mind. If you have been considering the use of armed security services, this article lays out the reasons why armed security might work for you.

Ranger Guard has been providing security protection services for several decades and has a long-standing record of success. Remember, always choose an experienced and professional service such as Ranger Guard to ensure the highest level of protection.

Highly Trained Guards

Private security officers without proper training are a disaster waiting to happen. The right armed guards with the right training make security calm, simple and worry-free. Since today’s world now has numerous threats that can become reality on any given day, armed security guards are always expected to be able to handle anything and everything if necessary. That’s why at Ranger Guard we choose only the best candidates for our armed security guard positions.

As mentioned earlier, most of our officers come to us having previously served in law enforcement or the military. Their experience with high-stress, highly dangerous situations is invaluable on the streets. We actively recruit guards with those backgrounds because we know there is no substitute for experience.

Recruitment is only the first step. All applicants for armed guard positions must undergo extensive background checks to verify the information provided to us. Along with this, we also have applicants undergo different aptitude and personality tests to ensure they have the emotional stability and cognitive skills needed to exercise good judgement and make quick decisions in stressful environments. Finally, we also have applicants pass multi-tier drug tests prior to hiring, guaranteeing they are always at the ready to handle the toughest of assignments.

Once recruitment is over, we implement our highly rigorous, top level training.

An effective private security guard has to be ready for any eventuality. Therefore it is crucial they are trained in a wide variety of tactics. Compared to other armed security companies, Ranger Guard prioritizes top quality training  and selection for its guards. Providing only highly trained guards to clients, many of our armed security guards already possess many years of training and experience in law enforcement and military operations. This, when combined with the training they receive from Ranger Guard creates a comprehensive security awareness unparalleled in the industry.

Ranger Guard gives guards specific training in Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Patrol and Surveillance Operations, Verbal Deescalating, Emergency Communications, and much more, ensure the armed guards we supply will be fully-prepared to provide you with security and peace of mind. Our guards know that drawing and discharging a weapon is the last step, only to be done when absolutely necessary. They have a deep familiarity with proper escalation procedures, but are steady and sure if they ever need a weapon.

Guards for All Occasions

Clients need armed security guards for many reasons. In some circumstances the target is mobile. Armed guards may be needed to act as escorts for a VIP such as a politician or celebrity on their way to and from a function. In other situations, they may be called upon to transport cash, jewelry, or other valuable items from one location to another. At other times armed security guards may be required to man a guard post or entrance to a business such as a manufacturing facility, office complex, or healthcare facility. Other institutions such as gated residential communities, private members clubs or religious institutions often employ unarmed and armed guards to control crowdflow, check authorized entry and keep people safe.

In all these situations, the coordinators have decided they need a higher level of protection. Whatever the case may be, Ranger Guard gives all officers the skills needed to perform their duties with professionalism and to the highest possible ethical standards.

Patrol Services

We see guard training and placement as only part of the puzzle. All officers operate as part of a team, and their role has to be optimized within the broader security plan. That’s why we integrate a full tech-based solution into our deployment protocols. Our patrol services and surveillance methods have been viewed as some of the best in the private security industry.

Most typical private security companies utilize patrols and surveillance that are done at the same times of the day and night, using the same patrol routes and techniques each time. Armed security officers from Ranger Guard use randomized patrols and surveillance on their assignments. We plan effectively and use our sophisticated cutting-edge guard tracking system to provide real-time updates to the client and to our central headquarters. Constant communication and a 24/hr hotline enable us to reroute guards to hotspots at a moment’s notice, and clients to check in on what is happening.

Because of this, it is simply impossible for employees or others to know exactly when and where our officers will be at any given moment, creating a level of uncertainty that acts as a powerful deterrent to vandalism, drug activity, and other illegal acts.

Approachable, Friendly, and Professional

On any type of private security assignment, clients of course want guards who are well-trained and capable of keeping people and property safe. However, there is much more to the job than having top quality security skills. Armed guards should also be individuals who are approachable, friendly, and always deal with everyone they meet with the utmost of professionalism. Guards often double up as front-of-house staff, and may be called upon to assist with providing directions, checking customers into a venue and other similar light administrative duties. Even if they are not in such a role, having guards who look clean and professional has a very positive impact on the overall feel of an event, and makes others feel protected. It is also an excellent deterrent against potential criminals.

We take pride in a professional demeanour and image at Ranger Guard. When armed security guards arrive for their assignments, clients will find them wearing police-style uniforms that are neat and pressed,with shoes that have been shined, professional haircuts and wear a minimum of jewelry. Since the image an armed guard presents is just as important as the skills they possess, we believe this gives our clients peace of mind and helps us maintain our status as a leader in the private security industry.

Always Adding New Services

At Ranger Guard we realize we must always strive to offer as many services as possible to our clients. Thus, we provide armed guards to perform crowd control at large events such as concerts or sporting events. Also, we have recently added K9 security services to the mix, pairing a highly trained K9 with one of our own highly trained armed security guards.

When looking at armed security companies near you, put Ranger Guard at the top of your list. Once you visit us online or speak to us by phone at 512-729-7110, you’ll have no doubt we can provide armed security guards who can meet your needs.