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With more uncertainty in the world today regarding crime, it’s no wonder apartment complexes are choosing to step up their security measures in an effort to protect residents and property. While there are traditional problems such as occasional loitering, trespassing, and vandalism, there are also the threats of more serious and violent crimes taking place, such as mass shootings and sexual assaults. Due to these concerns of residents and property owners, private security firms such as Ranger Guard and Investigations now play a major role in preventing criminal acts from occurring at apartment complexes. Because of this, the job of an apartment security guard in Houston has become much more complex and multi-faceted over the past decade. To learn more about the training private security guards are given in order to handle today’s most troubling scenarios, here are some additional details regarding apartment security guard duties in Houston.

Property Patrols

Since apartment complexes can be quite large and spread out over large areas, it’s necessary to have security officers utilize regular patrols to ensure all parts of the property are safe. To do so, Ranger guards patrol the grounds of apartment complexes in new, highly-visible vehicles that resemble traditional police cruisers. By using clearly-marked vehicles, officers are able to not only make their presence known to residents and property managers, but also to those who may be considering committing a crime. But to ensure maximum effectiveness with their patrols, Ranger guards do not conform to a set schedule of patrols conducted at the same time and in the same way each day. Instead, they perform random patrols, always changing times and routes, enabling them to keep potential criminals off-balance and unable to pinpoint when an officer may be in a certain area. As a result of this strategy, many apartment complexes report significant decreases in criminal activity of as much as 20 percent after only a few weeks.

Training Techniques

Along with using mobile patrol techniques that can keep criminals at bay, Ranger guards are also trained in a number of security techniques and areas designed to keep them as well as others as safe as possible. For guards who will be in charge of apartment complexes, they are required to pass an extensive training class in Anti-Terrorism tactics, as well as classes in criminal law, defensive tactics, and patrol techniques. But in addition to techniques aimed at self-defense and law enforcement, all guards also undergo basic training in First Aid/CPR, enabling them to help others who are sick or injured until advanced medical treatment can be administered.

Communication Skills

Because officers will be very visible when patrolling an apartment complex, it’s crucial they have the communication skills needed to interact well with residents, visitors, and building staff. To accomplish this, all Ranger guards are required to attend and pass classes in customer service and workplace communications. In addition to these classes, guards are provided training in how to use various verbal techniques to deescalate situations before they become violent. Known as Enforcement Through Reinforcement, this program is unique to Ranger Guard and Investigations, and has been widely acclaimed as an innovative training method that has prevented numerous verbal confrontations from escalating to physical encounters.

High Levels of Experience

While it’s important to provide private security guards with as much training as possible, it’s also good if they have previous experience in related areas. To make sure this is the case with most guards employed by Ranger, the majority of guards hired by Ranger come to the agency with previous experience in law enforcement or various types of military operations, including acting as military police, combat specialists, or intelligence officers. By possessing these backgrounds, Ranger guards already have an in-depth understanding of how to deal with stressful and potentially violent situations, making them uniquely qualified to handle any situation they encounter while on the job.

Professional in All Aspects

Along with their experience, Ranger guards complete the training needed to have them licensed and certified before they ever begin an assignment. Along with this, they also show up at all assignments looking and acting in a professional manner. This includes not only being polite and respectful to residents and staff, but also wearing clean and pressed uniforms, having polished shoes, neat haircuts, and the necessary personal hygiene.

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