All Security Services in Texas

For many companies, businesses, and organizations, security is a much bigger concern than ever before. With more acts of violence occurring at schools, workplaces, and special events, it is imperative security personnel be on-site. However, since no two situations are alike, it is vital to choose a security firm that offers all security services. Whether it is armed guards for a manufacturing facility, unarmed guards in a retail store, or patrol services for an apartment complex, these and other services can be found at Ranger Guard and Investigations. If you are in need of security services, here is additional information to consider.

Security Training

No matter what security issues you may be facing, having security officers on duty who are well-trained in the latest techniques and procedures is a must for having a safe environment. Because of this, Ranger personnel are trained in many different areas. For example, if security personnel are needed for a special event such as a concert, officers are trained in bag searches, crowd control, evacuation procedures, first aid, and verbal deescalation techniques. However, if a guard is needed for one-on-one VIP protection, they will have training in such areas as defensive tactics, anti-terrorism tactics, K-9 security, firearms, and other relevant areas.

Security Technology

As private security has evolved over the years, it has come to rely more and more on the latest technology. Therefore, Ranger Guard and Investigations uses state-of-the-art technology when providing a number of all star security services. As an example, Ranger security patrols, whether on foot or by vehicle, have officers using mobile devices to take photos or videos of areas they have patrolled, then sending the data to a client-only website, where it can be verified patrols took place. Along with this, officers are also trained in how to use high-tech surveillance systems found in office buildings, manufacturing facilities, and other places, enabling them to keep a client’s property, employees, residents, and others as safe as possible.

Special Services

In many cases, clients may request a need for special types of security services. Whether this involves providing security at a festival, concert, or sporting event where thousands will be in attendance, VIP protection for business executives and celebrities, or perhaps security at a hospital or school, Ranger officers are prepared for whatever challenges await them. While other security firms may have little experience in these areas, Ranger Guard and Investigations has many years of experience in these and other situations. As a result, officers given these special assignments are often those who have prior experience in law enforcement or military operations. With these backgrounds, officers have already demonstrated an ability to handle high-risk situations in a professional manner, which helps to ensure clients will have the highest levels of security needed for these events.

Investigative Services

When most people think of private security firms, they rarely think of using them for private investigative services. However, due to the many circumstances where these security services are needed, Ranger Guard and Investigations has many trained and licensed private investigators on staff. In many of these situations, clients need investigative personnel to determine if employees are committing acts of theft or embezzlement, while in other situations private individuals may request investigative services for situations involving potential spousal infidelity or help in locating long-lost relatives. Regardless of the situation a client faces, Ranger investigators will possess the skills needed to handle a case in a prompt and discreet manner.

Professional Security Services

No matter the type of security services a client needs, Ranger Guard and Investigations will always provide the highest level of professional security services. To accomplish this, we not only train officers in the latest security procedures, but also use a strict hiring process to get only the best officers for our firm. For an applicant to be hired by Ranger, they must pass not only a thorough background check involving personal and professional references, but also a series of aptitude tests to determine their ability to handle various situations. Finally, they are also expected to pass drug testing that far exceeds standards used by most other security firms. By placing a premium on hiring only the best officers, Ranger clients can be sure they are getting only the best for their security needs.

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