Initial Training Measures 

Have armed guards take on security responsibilities at your concert can honestly be a little nerve-racking. Meanwhile, the professionals at Ranger Guard and Investigations hope to put your mind at ease and allow you to focus on what you’re passionate about: We’ll focus on everyone’s safety. 

It all starts with extensive training of our staff in order to be the best of the best. Events that require armed security personnel are not to be taken lightly. We do our part by providing 76 hours of training. Our training curriculum involves our armed officers learning how to communicate effectively, de-escalate tense situations, and prevent injuries. Our staff also agrees to and abides by a “Use of Force” policy. Look here for more about Houston, TX.

Staying Sharp 

Being the best means not settling. Even after our extensive initial training, Ranger Guard and Investigations requires bi-annual continued education courses, annual firearm recertification, and conducts a plethora of unplanned quality checks by supervisors in the field. 

We hope that this information helps put you at ease when considered armed security personnel for your unique situation. For more information on the excellence we require of our employees, please visit Click here to read about Medical Facility Safety Starts With.

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