Many new security advances, including robots that can surveil a business and cell phone apps that monitor neighborhood crime, can update you on suspicious activity. Yet despite all of these advances, time and again successful business owners continue to choose mobile security patrols to safely protect their enterprise. They know there is no substitute for a person on the ground who can check, monitor and investigate suspicious activity.

Every business owner wants to maximize protection while minimizing cost. Professional security services like Ranger Guard know that deterrence is a key factor in reducing crime, which means your property stays safer. It can also lower your insurance premiums by an estimated 15-20%.

One of the most effective ways to achieve that deterrence is a mobile patrol of officers in a clearly marked security car visiting your property several times a night. Ranger Guard offers this kind of mobile patrol service in many major cities across the US. We’ve operated in cities such as Houston, Austin, and Dallas, as well as many of our franchise locations across other states.

Why Roving Patrol Security Is a Better Option

Different situations require a different type of security. Static security guards have many advantages, especially in high traffic environments where crowd control and managing entry are likely to be concerns. For businesses such as a multi-storey car park or gated community, static security officers cannot be everywhere at once. From a centrally located pillbox, gate or office, a guard may be able to monitor multiple security cameras and buzz people in and out of the premises, even late at night, but if anything happens they will be slow to act.

You need a solution which is highly visible and which offers a quick response to the changing environment, no matter the issue. Roving officers who provide a security patrol service are one such answer.

Save Money, Increase Deterrence

Hiring a mobile patrol unit such as Ranger Guard isn’t nearly as expensive as you’d imagine. Due to the extra mobility provided by cars, our mobile patrols are able to visit multiple sites throughout a shift. So, when they’re not checking on your business, they’re patrolling another one. This means you split the cost of the security service with someone else, which can save you two or three times what you would pay for individualized around-the-clock protection.

Our mobile patrol officers arrive in highly visible marked security vehicles, complete with lights, to patrol your property. These patrol services make random visits throughout the night, so criminals are not able to monitor their schedule and plan accordingly. The lights and decals clearly identify the car as a patrol car and this will deter potential thieves from getting involved. Depending on which option you select, your mobile patrol security officer may be armed or they could be an unarmed officer.

Insurance companies are well aware of the deterrence effect of mobile security. By choosing a mobile patrol you may be able to gain a significant reduction to your insurance premium, somewhere in the region of 10-15%. Not only that, but a mobile patrol is a far cheaper solution than static guards, who can cover far less ground. When you have a large property a mobile patrol will help increase safety while lowering costs at the same time.

Understanding Roving Patrol

Our mission is to provide roving patrols that are unprecedented in the level of individualized customer service, creative solutions and utilization of current technology. Patrol officers physically check all accessible gates, doors, parking and garage areas to ensure there is no unauthorized activity taking place. On completing their inspection they log their visit using Ranger Guard’s high-tech tracking system. Documentation not only provides peace of mind for the client, who can now rest easily knowing their property is protected, but also provides valuable evidence in the event of a lawsuit.

Officers are not only equipped with GPS to allow you to know exactly where they are, they also have to photograph the property as they patrol. Information is updated in real time and posted on a designated client-access web site. Customers can access their account at any time to verify patrols and see the officer’s daily reports. They will also be able to share this information, where relevant, with law enforcement or property managers. Gated communities in particular will want this information to be shared with key staff.

Experienced Personnel

Security guard patrol services perform many important functions. Therefore we use the latest training and data analysis to give clients the best possible service. At Ranger, this starts with hiring officers who have previous experience in military service or law enforcement. We combine their specialized skills with training in anti-terrorism tactics, criminal law, defensive tactics, patrol procedures, and first aid/CPR. In addition to these areas of training, all supervisory personnel are trained in various types of data analysis, enabling them to spot recurring problems at a site and implement solutions that will halt illegal activities. Specialized aptitude tests, extensive background checks and rigorous drug testing ensure we hire only the best.

Security On Demand

One of the most exciting and innovative services offered by Ranger Guard and Investigations, Security On Demand uses the latest technology to allow clients to request security and patrol services as they are needed. For example, if a property manager needs a neighborhood security patrol for a specific day and time, they can simply download the Ranger Guard App to their smartphone, then request the service in a matter of minutes. This app means clients can have officers on duty where and when they are needed, rather than having to worry about long-term commitments. Ranger Guard clients only pay for the services they need, making us the cost-efficient option. It’s no wonder that more and more businesses are choosing patrol security services as a solution to their security concerns.

Keeping your property safe doesn’t have to break the bank. By leveraging modern technology and our highly equipped and well trained security team, you can get the protection and peace of mind you deserve at a reasonable price with Ranger Guard. Call now, or fill out our contact form today to book your mobile patrol protection plan.