Ensure you choose the best type of patrol services for all your security requirements. This means you need to understand the difference between unmarked and marked patrol vans. Both are effective and reliable, with our best of class professional and certified guards patrolling your property with the safety of the people.

The primary difference is that the unmarked vans add a component of surprise while the marked vans offer a noticeable notion of safety.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of patrol service, which need to make it easy for you to recognize which kind will fit your security needs. Learn more here.

Marked Patrol Vans

This kind of patrol vans is commonly utilized to monitor big occasions and public areas. Its key characteristics are its visibility. The marked patrol vans are not only visible to the public you want to protect but to the criminals that need to be stopped. Learn more about  Why Patrol Services are the Best Option for your Business Event.

Unmarked Patrol Vans

Unmarked patrol vans work well in regions where a higher level of security is required yet doesn’t not necessarily want to be visible to the public. Feeling secure without being reminded that you require security will make people feel relaxed. Call us at Ranger Guard & Investigations for more information about patrol services.  

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