If you have ever had an encounter with someone that was threatening you by pointing a gun, then unarmed security guards may be just what you need. Many people have a misconception that if a person has a gun that they are likely to be violent, or even insane. While this is certainly a possibility, there are many different types of guards who protect customers. You may have heard of unarmed security guards at hospitals, schools, restaurants, and other places of business. These guards do not have guns, however, but are trained in the use of batons, pepper spray, Tasers, and other types of self-defense weapons. In some cases, these self-defense weapons can be used in conjunction with guns to give an assailant the advantage over your own. Information can be found here.

When you are talking about unarmed security guards in Houston, Texas, you should know that they are trained and licensed to carry concealed handguns. However, they are not allowed to have firearms with them, as this would be against the law. Instead, these guards are given the guns of those in their employ to protect those who cannot be protected by a gun. Although there are no laws that specifically state what the guards can do with their guns, most of them believe that they are within their rights to carry a gun on them at all times. It is also important to note that these guards must be licensed by the state of Texas to legally carry a weapon. This is because some cities and states have a requirement that all security guards be licensed to carry guns. See here for information about Learn More About Armed Security Guards in Houston, Texas.

Although many people believe that unarmed security guards are often abusive and dangerous, this isn’t necessarily true. Most of these guards are well-trained, have been working in this industry for quite a while, and are usually very calm and composed when dealing with people. These guards are also required to have extra training so that they can defend themselves and others in case of an emergency. They also undergo an extensive background check, which is conducted by a professional investigation firm and will ensure that the security guard has not been convicted of any crimes, as this would make it difficult for the company to continue to hire him or her. In most cases, these guards have full access to the databases of private companies to help them identify people who have been in contact with their former employees so that the guard can quickly investigate their background information before he or she is asked to contact these potential customers.

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