Important Reasons to Hire A Corporate Security Guard

corporate security guards

In today’s corporate world, security is looked at in an entirely different manner. Whereas in years past most people assumed corporate security guard’s main jobs were to check to see if doors were locked, modern corporate security guards have many more duties. Unfortunately, as random acts of violence have become much too common in the workplace, corporate security guard services emphasize such things as Anti-Terrorism training, Verbal Deescalating of situations, and much more. In addition, since these officers will be working in very professional environments, it is crucial they look and act professional at all times. If your company is examining the need for corporate security services, here are some important reasons why corporate security guards can make your company and its employees much safer.

Efficient Patrols and Surveillance

Whether you have a large industrial complex, office building, or other facility that needs to be patrolled regularly, corporate security guards can be of great help in this area. One of the best ways to make any area safer is to rely on corporate security firms that train their guards to use randomized patrols and surveillance methods during all shifts. By doing so, your corporate security guards will patrol different areas at various times using many different routes and methods, often varying between foot and vehicle patrols. This, when paired with state-of-the-art surveillance methods, makes it quite hard for anyone to know where a security guard may be at any given moment. If you have had problems in the past with vandalism, stealing, or other illegal activities, corporate security guards can turn the situation in your favor.

Corporate Event Security

In addition to needing corporate security guards for patrols and surveillance of your building, they also are very useful when it comes to providing security services for special events you may have scheduled. Since there are often many high-level executives and others present at these events, it is important to have well-trained security guards on duty to ensure everyone’s safety. Whether making sure only those on the guest list can enter to ensuring the area being used for the event is clear of any weapons or other dangerous items, corporate security guards are always ready to make a corporate event safe and secure.

VIP Protection

When company executives need to take a business trip or perhaps have had threats made against them by a recently-fired employee, it will make sense to hire corporate bodyguards for an added level of protection. Here at Ranger Guard, this is one area in which we specialize. For these assignments, we often use officers who come to us with many years of experience as police officers or military police. In doing so, you can be sure these corporate bodyguards have the good judgement and high-level training to react to any situation they encounter. In addition, they are trained in such areas as firearms, first aid, high-speed driving, defensive tactics, and other areas that may come into play during a dangerous encounter.

Internal Situations

At many companies, problems may arise that require careful examination in terms of possible illegal activity. However, this does not mean police need to be initially involved. By hiring corporate security guards, problems such as employee theft or other matters can be examined without letting the public know, ensuring negative publicity won’t accompany the process. Afterwards, guards can report their findings and work with company executives to come up with solutions to various problems. But to ensure these matters are handled correctly by corporate security guards, it is best to have guards at your disposal who have previous experience in law enforcement or other federal agencies, which is what we emphasize here at Ranger Guard.

Licensed and Certified

When you have corporate security guards working at your place of business, you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are fully licensed and certified by the state of Texas. When you are comparing corporate security guard companies in and around Houston, you’ll be glad to know Ranger Guard partners with the Texas Department of Public Safety to make sure all corporate security guards meet the licensing and certification requirements as mandated by state and federal law.

Corporate-Specific Training

In any corporate environment, there are certain duties that are unique to security officers. These can include evacuation procedures, assistance with elevator entrapments, emergency communications, and many other areas. Thus, should an unusual situation arise that demands immediate attention and action, you want to make sure the guards on duty at that moment can put their training to excellent use. Whether you need corporate security guards at the entrance to your building, to patrol a large area 24/7, or to assist police and rescue personnel in the event of a fire or medical emergency, always work with corporate security guard companies such as Ranger Guard to keep people and property safe.

Accountability and Respect

Finally, when you are in the process of seeking out corporate security services, always make it a priority to ultimately choose a company that places accountability and respect at the top of its list. In doing so, you can be sure of having guards at your company who not only have the highest levels of training and experience, but also take their jobs seriously. To accomplish this, always ask any corporate security company about the methods it uses to select and hire its corporate security guards. As an example, we here at Ranger Guard use a combination of security-related aptitude tests, in-depth background checks, and multi-tier drug tests to make sure all our security guards will do an excellent job on any and all assignments.

Whether you need corporate security guards for daily patrols and surveillance, being stationed at a guard post or front desk, or perhaps to act as bodyguards for executives or to keep an important event safe, Ranger Guard can provide officers to do this and much more. To learn how, call us at 512-729-7110 or visit and fill out our contact form.