Holiday Event Security

When the holiday season arrives, it is a great time of year. Whether it is a large Christmas party, New Year’s Eve party, or a Black Friday event at a local store, people gather to have fun with family, friends, and coworkers. Yet in today’s world, security is of the utmost importance at these and other similar events. Because of this, many retail stores, churches, and businesses now choose to hire private security firms to provide an extra level of protection during the holidays. While there are many firms in Houston from which to choose, more and more individuals and organizations are discovering Ranger Guard and Investigations is the best choice to meet their security needs.

Religious Events

While in years past a religious event such as a holiday service could be conducted without fear of violence, that is no longer the case. As we have seen over the years, churches, synagogues, and other religious establishments are not immune from the violence of the real world. Because of this, Christmas events and other holiday celebrations often use the services of private security firms to keep everyone safe during these special occasions. In many situations, it is often best to hire armed guards who can be on duty. Not only can this act as a deterrent to someone who may be contemplating violence, but it can also save lives should a violent situation suddenly arise.

Company Holiday Parties

Whether celebrating Merry Christmas or Happy New Year, many companies choose to have holiday parties to thank employees for their hard work over the course of the year. While Santa Claus may make an appearance at these festivities, it is also important to make sure an angry ex-employee or other violent person does not show up intent on harming others. To make sure all goes well, it is recommended companies and organizations work with private security firms that hire officers who possess previous experience in military operations, government security, and law enforcement on all levels. By doing so, holiday parties can be staffed by security officers who are trained in the latest tactics regarding Anti-Terrorism, Firearms, Verbal and Physical Defense, and Surveillance.

Retail Settings

Since the holiday season is so important to most retailers, they often do more and more to entice as many customers as possible to their stores. With Black Friday events starting earlier and lasting longer, crowd control and holiday crowds are some of the biggest concerns retailers have regarding potential violence. Rather than rely on store employees who often have little if any knowledge of how to handle these situations, companies turn to private security firms such as Ranger Guard and Investigations for assistance. In these situations, having well-trained and experienced security personnel on duty can make all the difference. By hiring security personnel from Ranger Guard and Investigations, retailers can have security guards on duty who possess training in verbal deescalation techniques, crowd control, patrols and surveillance, bag searches, first aid/CPR, and much more.

Parades and Festivals

When Santa Claus is set to arrive at Christmas time, you can be sure there will be plenty of parades and festivals to follow. While these are wonderful opportunities for people of all ages to gather together and celebrate the holiday season, they are also considered soft targets for those who may want to commit violence. Rather than let a happy time for many people turn into a needless tragedy, many organizers of parades and festivals also choose to hire private security firms for crowd control, surveillance, and other types of protection. In many cases, officers given these assignments perform their duties as plainclothes officers, allowing them to more easily blend in with the crowd. By doing so, this not only lessens the impact seeing uniformed officers may have on those in the crowd, but also lets officers gain greater insight and conduct in-depth surveillance on those individuals who may be exhibiting signs of potential violence.

As event security continues to be an important issue in today’s world, it is becoming increasingly clear just how crucial it is to hire the best staff of armed security guards for many types of holiday events. With many Houston residents preparing for a wonderful holiday season, now is the time to hire a private security company to offer the protection you need for your religious event, holiday party, or other event. To do so, contact Ranger Guard and Investigations at 210-981-3410 or visit online at to fill out a short request form.