Dallas Construction Security Solutions

When it comes to construction sites, they can be some of the most difficult areas to keep secure. Along with the large amount of space involved, they also may not have fencing or other barriers present that act as a way to keep out those wanting to loiter or perhaps commit theft or vandalism. As a result, many instances involving theft of materials, tools, and equipment are reported, leading construction companies to often turn to private security agencies in an effort to maintain a safe and secure environment. For those who find themselves in need of Dallas construction security, here are some of the most important points to consider when making a selection.

Armed vs. Unarmed Officers

For many companies in need of construction security, one of their first decisions involves whether to have armed or unarmed guards at their sites. This can be an important decisions, since officers on these assignments never know what they may encounter at a construction site, especially after-hours once everyone leaves and criminals believe they have an opportunity to steal or vandalize. In most situations, armed guards are often recommended, since these sites have tools, materials, and equipment that can be valued at thousands or even millions of dollars. In addition, should a serious situation develop when officers may be at a site alone, they will require the ability to defend themselves if necessary until police arrive at the scene.

Mobile Patrols

Since construction sites are often vast in scope, it is usually necessary to conduct regular patrols to ensure all is well. However, many security companies make the mistake of conducting their patrols at the same times each day and night, and also use the same routes when doing so. As a result, criminals and others determined to cause harm can easily recognize patrol patterns and continue to commit theft or other crimes even with the presence of security officers. To eliminate this possibility, it is best to work with a private security company that utilizes mobile patrols during shifts. By doing so, officers will conduct regular patrols, but do so using random times and routes. In using this approach to construction site security monitoring, vandalism, theft, and other crimes are significantly reduced, allowing construction companies to save time and money.

Specialized Training

Since there are so many different aspects of security that come into play during temporary construction site security assignments, it is crucial officers assigned to these sites possess as much training as possible. Whether it is a large construction site or one that is more confined, various things can happen at anytime that could lead to tragic consequences. Because of this, construction site security officers are trained in such areas as first aid/CPR, emergency communications, access control, defensive tactics, verbal deescalation techniques, and even anti-terrorism tactics, since construction sites are sometimes viewed as easy targets by those determined to inflict harm.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Officers

Since various threats are always a possibility at construction sites, it is usually best to make sure only the most experienced and knowledgeable private security officers are given these assignments. In many cases, this means assigning officers to these sites who possess many years of prior experience in law enforcement and military operations. In being able to combine their prior experience with current training in private security measures, these officers can often spot potential problems before they become extremely dangerous.

High-Tech Surveillance

While mobile patrols and a visible presence of private security officers are very crucial elements of construction site security, so is being able to use the latest high-tech surveillance methods to spot and apprehend criminals and others who may be on the grounds illegally. For many sites, this means having a security office where guards can use state-of-the-art monitoring technology to keep an eye on virtually all areas of a construction site from a central command center location. In the event trouble is spotted, they can quickly alert other officers who may be working with them, and can also alert police and other first responders for assistance.

Of all the assignments given to private security officers, construction site security can be one of the most challenging for many reasons. Because of this, it is vital construction companies choose only those private security agencies that have a demonstrated track record of success with these assignments. If you are in need of this specialized type of security, turn to the experts at Ranger Guard and Investigations. To learn more, call 972-833-0856 or visit

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