Dallas Apartment Security Solutions

While apartment complexes can be great places to live, they also can be places where crimes occur. Since there are many people in these complexes, various crimes such as vandalism, theft, drug dealing, and other illegal activities can happen from time to time. When this happens, it can result in the complex gaining a bad reputation within the community, making it harder to find quality tenants to fill vacancies. Rather than let this happen, it is best to work with security patrol companies Dallas TX residents know have a track record of success in apartment security. If your apartment complex is experiencing problems with vandalism or other crimes, here are some ways Dallas apartment security can keep the area safe and secure for everyone.

Mobile Patrol Services

Whether an apartment complex is large or small, it can still be a place where many types of crimes can occur. Since those persons wanting to commit illegal acts know police cannot be everywhere at all times, it is easy for them to know when and where they can commit theft, damage property, or even sell drugs. To prevent these and other crimes from occurring, many apartment complexes hire the best security guard companies in Dallas to conduct mobile patrols of the premises. By doing so, committing crimes suddenly becomes much more difficult. Since officers conduct their foot and vehicle patrols using random times and routes, it is impossible for anyone to determine where officers may be at any given moment. As a result of using this unique patrol technique, many apartment managers report criminal activity decreases by as much as 50 percent within only a few weeks, making it well worth the investment.

Presence of Uniformed Security Guards

At many apartment complexes, simply the presence of uniformed guards who are well-trained and professional in appearance and manner will help reduce illegal activities in the area. By having private security officers on duty day and night, they are not only able to build rapport with residents, but also get to know who is generally around the area at various times. In doing so, they are usually able to spot suspicious activity and prevent incidents from becoming more serious situations.

Verbal Deescalation Training

When it comes to apartment security Dallas residents generally know most private security officers are skilled in such areas as defensive tactics, first aid/CPR, anti-terrorism tactics, emergency communications, and other related areas. However, many are unaware of how much training these officers often have in verbal deescalation techniques. In many situations where a person is visibly upset and making threats toward others, a well-trained private security officer can use various verbal deescalation techniques to calm a person down and talk them out of committing violence. By possessing this knowledge, private security officers are able to keep people and property safe without having to resort to physical confrontations.

High-Tech Surveillance

While having a visible presence at an apartment complex can be an excellent deterrent to crime, high-tech surveillance can also play a pivotal role in helping keep an apartment complex safe 24/7. In many cases, officers can be stationed inside a central command center within the complex, where they can monitor activity from numerous security cameras. Should they observe illegal activity taking place, they can alert other officers working with them or call police to the scene. Best of all, they can use various types of high-tech surveillance to stop illegal activity well before criminals ever realize they are being watched, which gives them the element of surprise.

Access Control

At more and more upscale apartment communities, guards are stationed at various entrances to make sure only those who live there, are invited by residents, or have business at the complex are allowed entry onto the grounds. By being trained to keep accurate lists of current residents, activity scheduled for the day involving repairs or other business, and other matters involving the apartment complex, private security officers can play an important role in making sure unauthorized individuals do not make it onto the complex’s grounds to commit theft or other crimes.

Since we all know it only takes one deranged individual or one simple lapse in security procedures to lead to a tragic event, never take security lightly at an apartment complex. If you have been examining Dallas security systems reviews and are wondering which security agency best fits your needs, put your trust in Ranger Guard and Investigations. To learn more about Ranger’s services, call 972-833-0856 or visit

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